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Story I made that AidenToons episode 1 is based off of

Posted by AidenToons - June 12th, 2021

Aiden and friends vs. Jordan My name is Aiden and I'm a half demon half human. My 3 best friends, Epico1234 (He doesn't want me to say his real name), Adam , and Chase are awesome and heroic inventors, but I'm more of the anti-hero. My idea of a super good day is my enemies being spun around over a fire and relaxing to their screams. Me and my friends were building green, blue, orange, and cyan robots in our lab. "Let's go to the beach for a break," said Adam. Everyone agreed, and we all worked together and built a giant life-sized sandcastle, then we saw Jordan, our biggest enemy, in his alien spacecraft, in the air above us. He got that when he went inside a rocket ship and beat up the guys inside then stole the UFO from the aliens. I remember him from when I used to trust him and then at night, he snuck to my lab trying to steal my inventions. I confronted him, and we had a big fight. I beat him up and he went to steal creations from more inventors. After that, he became a wanted criminal. Back to the present moment. Jordan sent water out and made a demonic face wave that he sent at our sandcastle, "that might scare a little kid, I said; "but it's nothing compared to my demon face, and I'm half demon!" "I hate you! Nobody messes with my cousin," said Adam to Jordan. Me and my friends followed Jordan's alien spacecraft to the Power Forest. Epico1234 grabbed out the spare golden key and said, "I secretly stole this from his pocket years ago and now I know where his lair is" They all found out he got Iron Man's technology that he stole to use his powers. "This is a lot of stolen stuff," said Adam. Jordan came up to us "I don't know how you got in but you're never going to go any-where again when I'm done with you! said Jordan. My friend Chase shot him with his magical laser finger and Jordan was hit with terrific damage. "I did the perfect shot on you and gave you what you deserved," said Chase. I made my eyes go black and ink came out of my eyes and mouth, and I made Jordan slip. Jordan flew and blasted us with a fire beam. "You'll have to do better than that!" said Jordan. "Oh, I will!", I said. I had a wide grin while thinking of Jordan going crazy because of what I was about to do next. I caused Jordan to go on a weird trip when I self-multiplied and showed myself making scary faces. "You're insane! yelled Jordan, Jordan hit the wrong one and I punched Jordan real hard. "Take that you piece of crap" I said while laughing hysterically but slowed down creepily. Adam used his fire powers and made a fire circle that surrounded Jordan. "If you try to get out then there will be way more fire," said Adam. Jordan got his remote to get his alien spacecraft to shoot its water lasers. Then he sprayed the water to drown us for 3 seconds, until I used my demon powers to suck the water up into fire power. After that, I got creepy fire eyes and shot laser eyes at Jordan, but he jumped over them. Epico1234 summoned a bunch of cats and they scratched Jordan and gave him two black eyes, "good cats" said Epico1234 and the cats licked Epico1234. Jordan shot a bunch of beams at Epico1234 and Epico1234 got his wind wings ability to deflect them back at Jordan. "You better stop deflecting or I'm going to find a way to really hurt you! said Jordan. I got very angry at Jordan, "you will never do that to my best friend! I yelled, echoing across the city. Jordan flew over to me and kept kicking me and I grabbed his leg and threw him far in the air. I got my giant green robot from earlier and pounded him into the ground and then got out, I did the same slow laugh with twitching demon fire eyes. I used a lot of my ink demon powers to nearly drown Jordan in ink. Then I summoned a portal with my anger power to the prison of torment, where there was a bunch of demonic screeching. Jordan got hurt in very extreme ways every time he complained about it. "Before, I regretted trusting Jordan in the past, but now he's going to regret messing with me or any of my great friends ever again" I said. After everything happened, me and my friends were known as the heroes of the town for defeating an infamous thief/supervillain named Jordan.



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